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The #griffopostaux 💌

Sending postcards

Because I love the idea of sending and receiving a nice little card.
Because I love the handmade and pretty details.
Because it's a simple gesture that brings a lot of happiness.

The concept is to inspire you at home, to make you want to create, to share, to write a card for someone, to remind you that having attention for yourself in the mailbox can brighten up a whole day!

Les griffopostaux

So, I organize every month on Instagram a small event: the #griffopostaux. You just have to send me your postal address as a private message.

I collect all my illustrations from the previous month and send them randomly to as many of you as possible!

A chance for all

Unlike the usual contests, you will all be able to receive them, anywhere in the world. I keep the list of cards I sent, so that anyone can have one ! .

And you, do you write often postacards ?

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