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The story

A 3D printer

I worked at the time in a co-working space surrounded by creative people, so I was a freelance graphic designer and a maker in DIY. The arrival of the 3D printer in the office, was for some time our toy, a new creative means. I have the idea of ​​printing rules to draw patterns and shapes to assemble.

The tool is exhilarating, I invent the boards
and start drawing with them, it's such a joy !

JI protect and register the brand in order to present the idea on my Instagram account:@latetedanslesidees, the reaction is unexpected :hundred messages overnight. I am confused, moved, in shock, overexcited. ❤️

A springboard

Launched via a crowfounding campaign in November 2020, the project is a great success: nearly 1,500 griffographes ordered in a few days.

In February 2021, the shop presents dogs, cats, birds, plants and the instagram account@griffographe is a place of sharing and a source ofinspiration thanks to you all ! 

An extraordinary adventure

The company was created with the following reasons: to democratize the practice of graphic arts, to developcreativity for children and grownups to contribute to brighten up the everyday, all this in the most eco-responsible approach possible.

I want to put colors and create beautiful moments !

My desires, my dream : to keep onsharing with you and see the wonders you make, see your children's little hands inventing lots of things, creating lots of other themes, creating agriffographe team joyful and strong in her crazy ideas ! 

Any questions ? 

If you have ideas, desires, requests, contact me, I will answer you with great pleasure:

Hélène, happy designer and entrepreneur !