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Start with the griffographe !

Here are some advicesto use this magic tool, that will allows you to draw everything you love ! ❤️ The griffographe is a double-sided tool, you can easily foresee et adjust its position as it is transparent. 

You can start by copying templates if you don't feel comfortable at the beginning

We advise you to draw with sharpened color pencils, they allow you to vary the intensity - usefull when a drawing is made of multiple layers- and to have tonic illustrations !

... or to create color gradients !

Have fun with the shapes turn, multiply, reverse, test  : for a dog, there can be several muzzles; for a bird, several beaks, several wings ... between the combinations and the colors the possibilities are limitless !


There are templates galleries for each theme, each griffographe, on the Inspiration tab and on Instagram, the place where everyone shares their creativity: illustrations, videos, embroidery and other marvellous ideas ...!

Nice discoveries ! 🌷