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Colorful portraits

Hélène Jourdain, happy designer

To start this adventure, I needed griffograph portraits! 🌈 And as often, I find answers to my questions on Instagram. A few messages and it's decided, I appeal to Marion Saupin , whose I immediately appreciated the work, especially his portraits of artists who gave me confidence when going on a Griffo shoot!

Marion Saupin, talented photographer

For the occasion, I have illustrations made from the shapes of griffographes printed in large format to pose with all these little people! Dogs, flowers, a cloud ...

A return trip to the Paris region, a 3-hour session, colored backgrounds, a few cups of tea, a lot of tried-on clothes, a little paint and here is the result!

A big thank you to Marion, for her professionalism, responsiveness, and creative energy, these friends are beyond my expectations, a real boost!

This session allowed me to dive into the heart of the colors and graphics that make up the identity of this new brand.

❤️ Long live the Griffographes ❤️

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